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The Scrooser - Next Great Innovation Or...

I'm always fascinated by new, innovative products that are being developed that seem to challenge the status quo. Recently, I came across this product called a Scrooser - an electric scooter. My interest peeked immediately. I have long thought that the current designs of kids scooters were less than ideal. From an engineering standpoint there just seemed plenty of room for improvement. So when I heard about this product I had to check it out.

My first discovery was that this Scrooser was no children's toy. This product was being made for adults looking for a new mode of transportation. Kickstarter, the company behind this product entices us by describing it as "... a mobility solution that does not require a license or a helmet.

It's urban transportation on a sexy, efficient, and responsible Scrooser.”

They go on to describe how one battery charge will last an estimated 25 days. Apparently, the motor design is based on what they are calling an impulse drive electric motor that augments the energy generated by the foot pushing off effect.

So, it got me thinking, when they started this project, what did their success criteria look like? Success criteria for truly innovative products are sometimes hard to construct. Clearly, they were focusing adults in their early thirties to late forties that lived in urban and major metropolitan cities whose mode of traveling around was covering relatively short distances.

How would something like this function in a city like Chicago. Well, I’ve seen plenty of people on Razr scooters, but they are typically in their twenties. Plus the Razr is so much harder to ride than what this Scrooser appears to be. I’m not sure about how dealing with traffic or taxi cabs would work. Perhaps this vehicle would have to be used in the bike lanes. That could probably work. But then where would you park it?

Parking something like this in Chicago wouldn’t be easy. I’m not sure where a bike lock would even fit. And based on the cost, which they haven’t stated yet, I’m sure this isn’t something you would just want to park on the street.

But the thought and design are very intriguing. The motor is probably the most innovative part of the vehicle and might be able to be used in other applications. So, will the Scrooser be the next innovate rage OR will it go the route of the Segway. Only time will tell. But Bravo Kickstarter for having the courage to challenge the status quo and push the limits of the common every day scooter.

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