April 5, 2014

High intensity, with rapid iterations, and very little rest. Does that sound like your last project? Well, for me, that was the product description of my last project. The idea was to develop a mobile app product, designed to increase your stamina, lose weight, and ult...

January 27, 2014

Have you ever had a thought or an idea and wondered where it came from? What part of the brain or what process did you go through to come up with that idea? Are ideas spontaneous, unique events, formulated through our experiences and interactions? When you think of a g...

December 16, 2013

Have you ever been in a highly productive and collaborative meeting only to look at the white board and wonder how you were going to capture all that information on paper? Perhaps you just wrote “SAVE” on the side of it, and temporary claimed the entire space as your o...

November 29, 2013

Over the past couple of years, my project management journey’s have taken me to projects that seem more a more distributed. Multiple locations, different vendors, time zone challenges, language barriers... you name it. Over the course of that time, I’ve found myself ex...

November 10, 2013

Having done project management now for the past 17 years, I'm always on the hunt for better way to plan my projects. I was classically trained on MS Project, but find that tool to be a bit limiting when it comes to Agile Product Development and cross functional communi...

September 30, 2013

As you know it takes a different skill set to be successful with innovation...a skill set that in most companies is not well understood or nurtured.

In my experience, most project manager's aren’t generally considered “innovative” by their peers. They work within the li...

September 13, 2013

Besides being an avid fan of new technology, I’ve also admired how certain companies combine that technology with new and innovative ways to market their products. Nobody seems to do it better than Apple. Each release of a new product comes with an extremely effective...

September 8, 2013

In part 1 of this post, we introduced the theory of constraints to structuring your organization. We left off by asking the question "what do we do now?" 


Here are your next steps.


1.  Start by establishing a baseline per product line. Go through the exercise of unders...

September 1, 2013

I'm always fascinated by new, innovative products that are being developed that seem to challenge the status quo. Recently, I came across this product called a Scrooser - an electric scooter. My interest peeked immediately. I have long thought that the current designs...

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April 5, 2014

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